ELC My 1st crayons


I'm thinking about getting these for Cameron, just wondered if anyone else had tried them!

If so, are they worth buying??


  • I didn't bother with all the gimmicky(sp) crayons, i just brought Jessica these when she was 15months and she has been fine with themimage


  • i too just bought chunky crayons, which niamh loved and got on fine with. once again, tara just eats them imageimage,
  • Iv been really lucky with Jessica as she has never tried to eat crayons,
  • i know simone, i have 2 VERY different girls, which im really pleased about. niamh never put anything apart from food in her mouth, so i got a big shock when i ahd tara and she puts everything possible into her mouth (including an ant yesterday) imageimage
  • He's got some chubby crayons too which he never really bothers with, except when he wants to eat them (like Tara!!) image

    I haven't decided whether to get the elc ones or not, if i do i'll let you all know what they're like!! 

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