Are Pampers going down hill?

Hi. I used nothing but Pampers nappies for my first child and never had any problems.  I used them for my second baby up untill about three months ago without a hitch, but all of a sudden the quality changed.  they split without even being wet and the velcro tabs often came off! One was so stuck together when I took it out of the packet that I broke it when I was trying to unfold it!  I baught more packets from other shops just in case it was a dodgey batch but they were all the same. I've stopped useing them altogether now and have moved to a store's own brand which are the quality that pampers used to be but are a third of the price.  Has anyone else had this problem or was I just unluky? 


  • I think the same.Not a great fan of pampers,we prefer huggies.Would you mind telling me which supermarket brand you use as Im always looking for a cheaper alternative,thanks x
  • Hiya,

    I have never had problems with pampers but then I only use them if I can't get tesco's own brand in the size I need. I would recommend Tesco nappies to anyone.


  • Same here Zoe, TESCO every time they are great and a good price as wellimage
  • I use pampers on Cameron and have done from day one without any problems!!!!!

    Although if tesco's own brand are that good, i might have to switch image

  • the ones I switched to are asda. they are slightly puffier than pampers but they are realy strong  they withstand all kinds of bum shuffling and abuse without any signe of weakness. You  can get  3 packs for £10 wich is a massive saving
  • i love asdas active ones, they are good for runny poos, pampers were rubbish it was everywhere! xx
  • I use Tesco's own brand, I think they're best and loads cheaper than pampers and huggies. Ive never had a problem with pampers but prefer tesco's. I only use pampers and huggies if Ive money off vouchers! I once had a dodgy batch of huggies so I wrote to them and they sent £4 of vouchers!

    Lol Mel you've got a way with words!!

  • I also love tescos much softer than pampers or huggies and so cheap! I've been using huggies little walkers on luka as he's turning into a right monster to change and they have rubbed him on his hips and left marks, so not impressed.
  • I swear by pampers! have had one dodgy pack tho which boots happilly replaced even tho id used half, We switched to huggies for a while because our tesco never had his size and jack always seemed wet and became very very sore, swapped back to pampers and jack was fine in a day! Tescos are the gods of own brand nappies but jacks simply to skinny on the waist and they slipped down!
  • have been using pampers and didn't even think of using tesco's... shawn's about to do an online order, so will definitely have to try them out! thanks for the tips!
  • i love ASDA, but i used Boots & Tesco when my daughter was first born as she only weighed 5lbs 12 and a half oz


    and i was suprised to discover that all the other nappies, the tiny baby sizes were UP TO 5lbs 6oz and so they were too small, but size 1 nappies buried her, in fact the early baby Boots & Tesco ones did too !

    ASDA 3 packs for £10, i buy size 3 at the mo and i only buy nappies once a month, its amazing

    i always used to swear by pampers but now i dont, not when asda tesco boots are the same quality for half the price. only use pampers when my mama sees them on offer and buys me a pack, and gives the other to my aunt whos just had a baby !

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