tommee tippee steriliser

Ive just got the tommee tippee steam steriliser and found that theres no instructions as to how to load it. It has circle rims to guide you as to where to put the bottles but they dont all fit in if you use these.

was also puzzled as it says on instructions that you put the teat and screw ring in to be sterilisered together, but how does this make sure its all sterilised?


  • Hi!

    I am onto my second one of those as I burnt the first one out! Make sure you clean it regularly and always remember to put water in it!! image

    The bottle circles are to help you load the sterliser up if you have the slim bottles, if you have the wider closer to nature ones like me then you can get 3 in the back row and 2 at the front. The same goes for the shelf. You wash the teat, bottle rim  and lid and the put it together before sterlising. You should be able to do 5 bottles at a time!

    I hope this helps!

  • i've got this steriliser too, used for Tate and luka i liked it as its quite slim and so doesn't take up too much space on the worktop!
  • I've got the same one and i absolutely love it!!!!

    Caroline, my friend did exactly the same when she was sterilising her breast pump. She had to go out and replace both the steriliser and the pump image

  • Thanks for all of your replies. i didnt realise tommee did slim bottles! ? just seems strange that they have designed a steriliser which doesnt fit the bottles they sell with it.

    so the whole top of the bottle can be put together to be sterilised? thats strange coz for years that i have used other peoples sterilisers you have always had to take every bit apart to make sure it all gets sterilised. any ideas to why they have changed it?

  • No idea!

    I presume the heat and steam can get into every nook and cranny!!!

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