bargain car seats

hi guys

This for anyone trying to get stuff on a budget, there is a cracking website called kiddicare where i found car seats birth-12 months n they r £19.99 reduced from £79.99, they r lovely n great price 2. Check it out


  • wow that is cheap,shame i don't need one !!
  • me too! I have bought lots of stuff from there
  • thanks for the tip
  • Only wish i had used them instead of twoleft feet as im 500 pounds down and no product from them, had to re buy whole travel system from freemans in end!
  • ive got a bad addiction for browsing kiddicare its a great website, are they quick to deliver? x
  • brill, theres a few things we need in the near future and im fed up of mothercare, they r getting to expensive!
  • yeh kiddicare are really quick on delivery, i ordered the car seats on the monday and they came back the next day, plus it was only £3.95 for delivery and if you order over £50 delivery is free
  • oh that is good will bear them in mind for sure, since mothercare charged £5 for a crib mattress i had to order instore and it took a week! x
  • kiddicare are great. the car seat we are getting for our daughter is £185 in mothercare and only £125 at kiddicare. had it test fitted at mothercare but we're buying it at kiddicare. cheeky i know but theres no way i'm paying that price.
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