Sleepytot Baby Comforter

Does anyone else have one of these?  You can put dummies on it so that your little ones can find the dummy at night.  We were up three or four times looking for the dummy at night and I ended up trying this and it worked within a few days. They'd be good for babies who don't have a dummy too as you can do other things with them - put teethers or muslin cloths etc.  And I see they've had good reviews on the baby website, baby expert and babyworld so other mums are finding them useful too.


  • hi there, can you put  alink on please, i cant seem to find what you are talking about, and it sounds interesting. could def use one!! thanks.
  • Sorry Kas - try - they have a list of stockists on there too if you're looking for a shop near you. x
  • thanks, i couldnt find it last night so looked on the mum and baby sites you suggested in the above post, found them anyway, and am VERY tempted to get one, they look very cute.

    thanks again

  • Glad you found it - they're really good. 

  • I think i'm goig to get one for my cousin - she just had a baby and I couldn't think of any good baby gifts to take over. I think she will love it! Should i get her something else along with the comforter?
  • Yeah, I wouldn't say you should leave a newborn with it whith the dummy on as they wouldn't be able to get themselves out of any trouble.

    The advice is that you use them like any comforter that's safe from birth, so you wouldn't be expecting them to have a dummy with the toy when they're really small. Or leave them alone with it when you're not there to help them. It's just like a cuski or one from Mothercare or any soft toy at that stage isn't it?  On the site is says that when they're big enough to roll around they'll be able to find the dummy on it.   My LO can crawl and everything so it's something she can get easily and also easily discard. 

    I still think it would be a good gift for a newborn because it's a bit different (better than the usual soft toys everyone brings round) and if mum decides to use dummies it will be handy later when baby's bigger and more agile! 

    There's some good gift ideas on  A nice CD is good as a gift - like a lullaby one or something.  I got one from a friend that i put on at sleep times and I love it now, makes both of us sleepy!

  • Our ds has one of these - in fact we have a few and I rotate them!  I think they're briliiant.  You don't just have to use them for dummies, you can use them for anything - little blankies, teethers, we even had one of his little rattles on there when he was younger.  He has it in the day to play with and we sometimes have differnet materials on there for him to stroke, or if it's a bad teething day, he'll chew on one of those tommee tippee teethers and stroke his bunny.  I waited until he was rolling over to give it to him at night but it's really worked as he does have a dummy to sleep with and now he can get it without calling for me. 

    I really recommend them - I love comforters and this one's practical too! 

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