Hi all i just wanted to give you all a warning about a website called TWO LEFT FEET. COM please do not use them to buy anything it just cuases stress and they rob you of your money! We placed an order on the 31st July 2008 and was told it would be 28 days delivery after that date i was then told another 4-6 weeks so we cancelled the order which came to over 500.00, we are still waiting for a full refund from them. They do not answer your emails and when you ring them they say its not the right department who can help you and they dont have a phone number direct to them - emails only!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use them we are now having to go through small claims court to get our money back and the baby is due in 11 days. :evil: How some people can sleep at night if being first tme parents wasnt stressful enough!


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