Tatty Ratty by Helen Cooper

Hi, me and Ethan chose our fortnightly selction of books from the library last week and came across one called 'Tatty Ratty'. It's a beautiful story about a little girl who loses her beloved cuddly rabbit, but i won't tell you anymore as it will spoil it for you. It's a brilliant bedtime read for any little boy or girl who has a special relationship with their cuddly toy (or any child who as lost theirs).

Ethan is bunny mad and has three cuddly bunnies that he takes everywhere with him. I will now know what to do if he ever loses one of them.

The book Tatty Ratty is by Helen Cooper & will definitely be added to Ethans christmas list.

ENJOY!! I promise you will!!!

Gaynor & Ethan xxx


  • We have this book.It's a great story and the pictures are lovely too.We have had many a drama over a saggy bear in our case.Think we might have this story tonight
    She did another one called The Baby Who Wouldn't Go To Bed.Another great story.Makes you want to go to bed yourself.
  • Thanks Gaynor,I'll look out for that one
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