Baby annabell

i dont know if anyone on here has a little one who likes baby annabell, but my local tescos is selling them for £8.95!!! they are ment to be nearly £40 they also have the buggy, crib and clothes sets slashed right down, and its apparently in all tescos that usually sell them, just thought id share xx


  • Thanks Laura thats a real bargain!
  • Thanks Laura

    I think Bronwyn may well be slightly too young for the main doll but she goes very gooey every time the advert comes on tv!!! I had planned on getting her the "my first annabel" but i may get this instead! Or get one to put away!

    My only issue is the lack of a local tesco!!!! image It will have to wait till friday when i have my pre-op appointment in Grimsby, I am planning on going to Tesco anyway!!

  • Oh thanks Isabelle has been after one, Ill have to pop up tomorrow after work. I refuse to go to any supermarket on a sunday its just to busy.
  • I went friday, NIGHTMARE completely packed id forgot i used to go friday mornings before 9! i suddenly remember why i shop online, so not worth the journey!

    I want to get jack a little doll for when sprout arrives but daddys adamant hes not having one!

  • he loves my sisters that we have here but mean daddy puts it up where pregnant mummy cant get to it, hes sooo mean lol, im hoping my mum will just ignore him n buy one
  • Arwen's getting that for her birthday.Thanks Laura you might have saved me a fortune.These thing cost so much.And little boys should have dollies.How else can they learn to be Daddies.Ibought Arthur a boy dolly,in boys clothes.If you let them play with all kinds of toys they soon make their mind up what they like.Nothing will make him play with other peoples dollies more than if he has none at home.
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