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As some of you may know I am pregnant with my second baby. With my first I was on a tight budget which was meant for necessary basics like cot, pram, blankets, etc and I had a few second hand things like baby bouncer and play mat. I have kept all the things that I bought myself and passed on the second hand bits.

Well because I already have all the expensive things it means that this time round I can get a few extra baby things and also a new bouncing chair and play mat. So what I wanted to ask you all is - What luxury extras did you buy for your baby that turned out to be a great buy and you are so glad you purchased? 

 I have seen loads of new innovative baby things advertised so your recommendations will be a great help.

Gemma x


  • Hi Gemma.

    We are managing with everything that we already have from Bronwyn. The only extra that I have bought is a seat to go on the pram for Bronwyn to sit on. Plus my mum is buying the baby a swing for Christmas so that I can out him/her in there whilst Bronwyn needs me. 

    We got a cot top changer which is fantastic and a great back saver!! From ebay I got 2 (exactly the same) Graco activity stations, one for her and one for my parents. They are fantastic for keeping the baby amused for 20 mins or so once they can sit up inaided. this will give you time to spend with your little girl.

    I have a friend who went a little OTT when she found out she was pregnant, they bought a gliding nursery chair (i would love one buy have NO space), a gliding / rocking crib thing with all the fancy covers, bumbo chair, plus loads of other stuff that escapes my pregnancy fuddled memory. She said she used the chair a hand full of times and sold it for about £50 (cost £300), and she ended up giving away the rest as most of it remained unused as the baby didn;t like it!!!  

  • id say the bumbo chairs they are great value for money and easy enough to take in the car if you are going to friends or families house.
  • Id deffinatly recomend a bumbo too, ours was a lifesaver, and also a good bouncy chair with vibrate or a swing as these keep baby happier alot longer than a static chair, the swings can be expensive but the vibrating chairs vary alot can pick them up quite reasonably!
  • Yeah I was thining about one of those bumbo seats. My friend had one and when she cooked she used to put her baby in it on top of her kitchen island (it was a very wide one) and her baby was happy to seat and watch for ages.

  • they say not to put them on raised surfaces but we did jacks alot, also when cooking, its not like i left him there and went to the loo, hed sit while i cooked a whole meal waving a wooden spoon, plus they are wipe clean great for feeding them, and you can get little tray for them now!
  • Lol Laura.. I thought you were going to tell me off for saying about the kitchen side as i read the first few words of your post. It must be safer having your baby next you on your eye level while cooking than on the floor around the corner! They have to say not to do this and do that because some people are just plain silly sometimes... but of course none of us are xx
  • lol, my bumbos been put on every raised surface imaginable lol i sound like a bumbo sales person, i can assure you im not, but mine was great for getting good posey photos, especially with older children with the baby, as id just throw a sheet over couch and bumbo, babys safe and you can posistion the other little ones around.
  • we thought this time we wouldnt have as much to buy, but since jacks still in his cot needs a monitor etc etc were having to double up! oh and thats not mentioning the small army tank i now have as a double buggy (i do love it though) we didnt even get the right time of year for re-using clothes as jacks july! not that id wan2 be able to reuse his first clothes as he was in babygrows upto 3lbs!!!
  • I already have 2 buggies so i refuse to buy another. I'm going to get a buggy board and if we go anywhere for a few hours someone will be coming along with me so they can push another buggy. Leyla is still in the cot but the new baby will be in the Amby baby hammock (yes this is an extra i did buy on my budget for my first and it is fab) and then I will get Leyla a first bed with a safety rail for when the new baby is too big for the hammock.

    I am glad of your replies because now i'm putting a Bumbo on my list!

    Thank you x

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