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baby wipes......thats good!

I found BOOTS baby wipes so nice and good for my baby why not you all try these for your baby.its so economical for parents and soft for babies.image


  • I agree, 3 packs for £3.00 plus double club points if your in the parent club!! Well u have to watch the pennies these day.
  • I like the Tesco ones.4 packs 3.52.On offer ATM 3 packs for 2.70.We get through so many we buy in bulk.
  • Hi I find the morrisons own brand good. I buy the scent free ones. Not to wet and not to dry, perfect. 6 pack for roughly £4. I was buying the Johnsons but these are just as good but cheaper price
  • I also buy the tesco ones, and they have the closable lid rather than just a sticky bit that isn't sticky for more than 10 minutes anyway! The tesco value ones are rubbish though, small, thin and dry so you have to use twice as many anyway, so you don't actually save any money and just waste time!
  • Iget through loads,not the value one,I agree they are rubbish.If you're in a hurry they do a good job as dusters,particularly on the computer or telly screen.Actually quite a lot of cleaning uses.
  • i love asdas littleangels ones, they were on 6packs for £4
  • A friend bought us some of the asda ones as a pressie when River was born, they lasted us ages for some reason, but we dn't have an asda near us.
  • i get asda online, there currently building one here though thank god, i HATE my tesco, jacks was hurt badly by a dodgy trolly when i was heavily pregnant and they didnt even care!!
  • I was a boots addict as it was the closest to me for anything baby,i got their own wipes and nappies and yes the extra boots points were great as it ment i coud treat myself. But would have liked to have been able to go adsa and tescos more often at times for their bargins but i dont drive and at the time when most needed i didnt have the net either so it was good old shopping with a trolly.
  • I use boots a lot for the points.I run up loads of points on boring stuff and use them for nice stuff for me.I know you've earned the points,but a freebie's always nice
  • i racked up £89 in points just in the 8mnths i was pg with jacks, thank god i did has he needed a ton of prem baby clothes, then managed £112 with jack but i did buy crib carseat monitor travel cot etc thereimage

  • i ment lola the second time
  • LOL. Laura, as i dont have to buy baby bits like i did i dont get so many but i do find it better with topping up my mobile at boots as you get the points aswell,for more for your money,and even better if you get your coupons when they say spend 20pounds or 30pounds and get x amount of extra points i wait till i need to top up mine and adis phones by about 10pounds each then buy some essentuals or lunch and you still get the extra points.
  • I use the asda and boots ones, but I am considering using the washable wipes for in the house and just have the normal wipes for trips out.
  • ooh linz, if you do let me know how you get on, ive been thinking of using them in the house for after meals etc, couldnt face washing them after jacks nappies but normal wipes are quite harsh on jacks hands and face and i end up using an absolute ton after hes fed himself x
  • I just use flannels for hands and face,unless we're out.Couldn't imagine cleaning up after nappy changes with reusable wipes.The whole point of wipes is that you throw them away isn't it?That's why I use them,for baby and for cleaning.
  • i was thinking of the reusable wipes for jack as no matter what i do my flannels get rough and he has a habbit of going bright red in the face at anything, i use comfort pure every wash, maybe i just need better flannels
  • They come up soft in the tumble.Arthur uses his sleeve,I'm never quick enough,but the girls get the flannels.I use comfort pure too,but I do tumble them
  • andrews a tumble drier hater, i only get to use that when hes working, and he moans washing doesnt get done, GO TO WORK let me do things MY way, and things run smoothly!!
  • Everything goes in ours.I dry on the line or airers to cut down the drying time but it all gets finished in the drier.We have no airing cupboard and I don't do ironing.It's take forever without the drier.Besides,I do the washing,Darren wouldn't dare argue.
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