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Pushchair advice

Hi all, this is my first ever post so please bear with me! I've a 16month old daughter and up until now I've been perfectly happy with her M&P Ultimo. I loved the separate pram body (especially being able to use it as a bed) and I've been really happy with the pushchair unit as I could still have her rear-facing and it lies completely flat. However, the chassis is very large and now she's getting bigger it's quite heavy (but the size of the shopping basket is fab!). So, I'm looking for something else. I don't know where to start. I know it's about time she went forward-facing, but I'm going to miss her so much!! I'd like something quite easy to fold, but most of all, comfy for her, and if it does lie flat, all the better. Please help, thanks Sarah


  • Hi sarah.

    im sure theres plenty of pushchair advice on here, were all pram addicts lol!

    Ive got a maclaren techno xt that was for my son (we now have to have a double) but its got a great size seat my petite 18mnth olds feet are only now over the edge. lies flat easy raincover. the shopping basket isnt to big but its better than alot of strollers and also on the back there a few handy pockets for keys snacks etc. Im now passing this buggy on to family and upgrading to the maclaren xlr (mainly because its pink and chocolate) but this has a larger seat better hood and shopping basket.

    The best feature of both these buggys are the large wheels and the hood unzips so if your caught without a raincover or sunshade it can be pulled forwards enough to cover the whole seat, just have to ask a hopefully co-operative toddler to keep there legs back. also have height adjustable handles!

    good luck buggy hunting!!

  • Sarah

    I know exactly where you are coming from! I adore my M&P Ultimo, its so fab!!! However, I got pregnant quite quickly after my first and am gutted that I can't use it as much with my second as i need to get a double! I too miss having her facing me so that we can chat!

    You need to ask nicola, she is the queen of prams and pushchairs and probably averages one a month the way she buys and sells them!!!! 

  • oh i forgot to mention maclaren xlr comes with a footmuff, a suprisingly decent sized one!
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