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Car seat/ travel system compatibility

Hi everyone. If anyone can help me I will be eternall grateful. Its about which car seats are compatible with what. In particular I have the m&p ziko herbie, which is compatible with the pro sleep car seat. However the pro seat is also compatible with loads of other prams. So... (sorry, I'll get there in a minute!)... why arent the car seats that fit on these other prams also compatible with the herbie if the herbie car seat is compatible with them. You see my dilema?!image Thanks in advance for anyone who pities meimage


  • Hi sanka.

    i dont personally know anything about the m&p carseats etc, however i have a maxi cosi cabrio fix carseat and discovered it fits my mums mothercare my3 perfectly and clips in correctly! as the connectors on that pushchair are identical to my icandy adaptors. Mothercare are now selling the my3 with maxi cosi carseats in place of the mothercare one previous and are insisting you need adaptors which are £30.

    i know thats not an exact answer but what im trying to say is, its usually the company trying to get us to spend more!

  • Ahh, thats interesting. I was wondering if that was the case. I guess the only way I will know is by seeing if i can find some people with different carseats and trying them image. Thanks for your reply, it makes me feel slightly less mad (only slightly tho!).

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