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Hiya girls.

yet again im back for advice, as any know we  have one hefty double, i candy pear, dont get me wrong i LOVE it but were five mins away from an amazing park pet corner and a few kids clubs toddler groups and jack likes walking my pear goes single but hard to steer one handed along narrow paths so im after a stroller and the Loola is the only one ive found thats compact and parent facing, has anyone owned one or knows someone who has, i need opinions as my friend who works in mothercare is very biasted, not that id buy from there ive got one on gumtree im going to see.

SO anyway any advice opinions gratefully recieved xxx


  • Hi Laura

    I have a Loola wih the car seat attachment also. God send - the car seat is a little heavier than some but for the amount of time you'll use it for it's well worth it.  Clip in clip out while baby is asleep - simple and hassle free.

    I too bought the loola because I wanted a parent facing system - It certainly worked for me.  It's a little wider than some strollers so you might find that to be an issue with smaller shops but to be honest I never really found this too much of an issue, if at all.

    I would say on the whole it's slightly heavier than most, you'll start to feel it more as the baby grows really but I have to say I got used to it anyway - they grow gradually so you just adjust naturally.  Because of the weight though it's really sturdy and robust. 

    I have a corsa and the loola easily fits in to my boot space, it's really quite compact when folded for it's size. 

    I have to admit though when my LO was 6 months we bought a Maclaren XT to travel with and have been using that ever since just because it's much lighter really and our need had changed towards a forward facing stroller as LO was sitting up and looking around.

    I think the loola's strongest points are it's size when folded, it's sturdiness, car seat, parent facing option.   I'd say excellent for the first 6-9 month of a baby's life really.

    The only downside I would have to say is the weight.

    Happy shopping!

  • thanks for the advice, im not too bothered about weight, compared to my double its like a feather! We have an xt for my son but thats 'daddys buggy' and plus i want parent facing. thanks again! x
  • i had a look at the streety looked more lightweight, didnt play with it as it was on a shelf, think i need to keep looking. like i said though weights no issue, thnx for the advice ladies x
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