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double buggy

can anyone help me? I have a 3 year old and a 17 month old and another due in 4 months.  I really need a double buggy ..i think..and i am not sure wot to look for.  I have heard that the phil and teds is good but does anyone have any experience of it or any other pram that would work?


  • i have an icandy pear which i completely love and cant recomend enough, but i walk everywhere, dont own a car, so my buggy was a big investment, i love having them both face me both can fully recline, attach a carseat and a carrycot if you wish, brilliant basket and an adjustable handle and its all on a single frame so no problem fitting anywhere!! also goes into a parent facing single!

    mumabear will appear soon shes in love with her p+t and can tell you more about that

  • thanks for your reply.  I did look at the icandy pear and loved the idea of it but when i sat my 17 month in it he looked like he would outgrow it very shortly.  it seemed very small.  That was the original one i looked at and fell in love with but then i saw p&t so now i dont know!
  • my 2yr olds still ok in it and hes a bit above average, i do know that the seat size is a problem for a lot of toddlers though,

    if you needed a carseat to attach for baby, theres the new peach which has a larger toddler seat, it doesnt parent face in double though.

  • i didnt realise that the new peach is slightly bigger.  Think ill take a look at it and see cos although he only 17 months he is very tall and im not due till february so the pear could be a problem by then. thanx for that.
  • its a lighter buggy but the front seats bigger, not sure of exact measurements if theyre in my icandy catalogue ill post them here for you x
  • thanx laura that would be great x
  • main seat for peach, so toddler in double and the one used for single mode is W42 x H89

    pear is...W43xH78.

    ive tried ds in a peach and the seats a far better size, only a cm or so smaller than mothercare mychoice is that helps for comparison!

  • Hi Karen,it's Rachel,aka mummabear!!! Yeah Laura was right,I'm in love with my P&T!!!!

    I have a 17mth gap btween my sons,and have owned a tandem,side by side and now P&T,oh and a mclaren,found mclaren handles too far apart as I'm so short!!! And becuase eldest wants to walk occ,found steering that hard.

    Side by side ok,one handle as opposed to 3 seperate ones iyswim!!! Tandem very heavy,but handy for lie flat for new born and hop on/off for toddler.

    The P&T is very easy to steer,and super light,wish I had that straight after c-section,would have made life easier! Got mine off e-bay,for less than £200,as they are pricey,but there is an o-baby double with same principle as P&T,but half the price,brand new under£300. All depends on needs,and as you're due soon,think P&T would suit,but I haven't used it as newborn and toddler and the seat for toddler looked small,as it goes on top? Sorry I'm confusing you now,there is a website to go on and it shows you all positions and how to get them!!! Think if you just type phil and ted into google it'll bring up the official site.

    Caroline on this site loves her out and about nippr,maybe that's worth a look? x

  • I have a Graco Stadium Duo,which I love,even though it's not the newest thing on the market.The back seat either takes the car seat or lies flat for baby,with a bit  at the foot you pull up to make it more closed in for a newborn.Massive back hood which covers the baby well so works as a sunshade too.Front seat from six months,hood for that too.

    The pushchair is big,I suppose it's heavy,but I find it easy to handle and steer cos the wheels are big too.Massive shopping basket.I've heard it said these are indestructable.Our first one was damaged in a car accident but I liked it enough to buy the same again.We regularly carry an extra little person on board too,,plus school bags,lunch boxes,shopping,you name it.It's quite a workhorse.

    Only downsides,one is it is big,I'm short and find the handle a little too high.Two,the pram folds quite big.

    Not every one likes them,but I've had one for nearly 7 years now.Still love my Graco

  • Hi! I don't know wether this will help at all. I never took to a double buggy. Because my hubby drives, It was easier to have 2 buggies because we were likely to split up around the shops etc. so in turn we could split the kids aswell. It was easier to store 2 buggies. I know not everyone has a car and the people I know have either sworn by a P&Ts for the weight and size or failing that, a Maclarren side by side can't seem to do any wrong. (they're quite slim apparantly) Because I was quite nervous and flustered when I brought my little girl home, I couldn't manage to manouvre the side by sides through some shop doorways etc. The tandem she had been bought as a birth gift ended up being used once and given away. I couldn't turn it after a C section and actually ended up with calloused hands. We couldn't sell it even to put money towards another pram as noone seems to want tandems at all. In the end, we went for 2  identical Oh Baby strollers in neutral and found some buggy clips that can fasten them together for any times I might need to take them side by side. Saying that, my son walks everywhere now and we'll find it easier to sell 2 seperate buggies (Keep them immaculate so you can use the money for something else you'll need) I can part with one now and use the money for a buggy board and on it goes for us. Hope that a little bit of my experience might help and other than that, I would say definitely take the display model for a walk round the shop/centre if allowed to check you're not kicking the wheels with your feet or you'll end up flat on your back. And definitely check you;re comfortable folding it in case bus drivers/lifts out of order etc force you to get the little ones out of the pram in a hurry. Oh! And stay away from pink prams if possible as they are very hard to pass/sell on (only for individual taste I would say)
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