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icandy pear or blossom

hi, im pregnant with my 5th child due in feb my youngest is 11mths ive been looking at twin pushchairs and i like the icandy make as any one got one of these that could tell me what there like??? to push and the comfort fot the kids we have got a car but i walk every where in the week so need something that will last and is easy to push thanks x


  • i have a pear, my son jack was 16mnths when lola arrived and i just love this pushchair, i could talk about it all day, it is THE best bit of equipment ive brought,


    both fully recline no matter what seat combination you use, 2 seats, carseat and seat, seat and carrycot and so on,

    both children can face you, or forwards

    the baskets brilliant!

    the handle has alot of different heights,

    its not long and bus like to push and manouvers very easily

    the carseat just pops on and off easily when ever needed, and its the maxicosi carseat which is lovely.

    the hoods are really good size and stay up (my single buggys hood was useless)

    the huge wheels make it a dream to push

    i can push it one handed effortlessly when jack wants to walk,


    a few 'bits' to store when folded

    and folding took me a few days to master but now its easy.

    my sons looking a bit tall but is 26mnths, and hes still comfy just looks tall.

    any questions just ask

  • hi, thanks for replying ive been looking at all the twin pushchairs this seems to be coming up as the better one, i have read a few reviews online and some have said the carrycot is very small for a new born? do both seat recline fully flat? is it easy to push with a older child and a newborn on the balance front? i do a lot of walking in the week but we use the car on the weekend so it needs to be hardwearing was abit worried about the tyres as it says on the website there air fillied have they ever gone flat on you? sorry for so many questions image, do you know what the diffrence is between the pear and blossom thanks tracie x
  • hiya, dont worry i dont mind answering questions about it, when we got it i couldnt find any one to ask!

    The carrycot isnt huge, but lola was happier to be in the seat before she outgrew it, the seats dont lay 'flat' they are the 'bucket' style like the bugaboo, quinny buzz, mychoice etc! so they kinda have there legs up, but they do lay fully reclined, i hope that makes sense,

    for lola i got one of the cheap babysrus carseat supports and that made the seat slimmer so she sat nicely!

    Ive not had any bother with any seat combination making it hard to push, i prefer the children facing me and the heavier one nearer me as hes heavier it makes it seem lighter but it doesnt make enough difference having him on the front that its ALOT heavier, 

    its a really tough buggy, mines come under alot of pressure, i have 4 steps to get in the house and its bumped up and down with children and all manner of shopping and bits in the basket and its fine, the huge wheels and suspension means they sleep through the bumping too,

    I have never had a flat tyre, i didnt use it for a few weeks once, (my eldest broke a part on his seat and i couldnt get to the shop to pick up the new bit, its not common dont worry i have hulk for a son) and the wheels went down, but nothing major, the pump comes with it and its stored in a little pocket that runs along the edge of the basket, i just pump the tyre up with the children in it that time, obviously you have to check them from time to time as they will go down slightly after alot of use and it will feel heavier, no punctures as yet and ive been using it since june 08 started as a single and we do alot of forest walks etc,

    the difference between the pear and peach blossom is the peach is smaller framed and lighter, But only forward facing in double mode and the eldest child cannot recline when the carrycot or carseat is on, and it has normal 'hard' wheels, icandy have said its the city version! 

    also just wanted to add, there customer services have been fantastic, we popped a zip after removing the seat cover for the millionth time (im one of those terrible mum that lets them eat in the buggy) and icandy replaced it in days, even though it was still fit for use! 

    My only thing i was disapointed in was the cosey toes, we sent it straight back as Jack was way to big for it at 1, we have buggy snuggles, cheaper, nicer and easier to clean,

    hope that helps, i can talk about my pear all day, It honestly is fantastic, we have a maclaren twin techno, for when we need space in the car, and its soooo much heavier to push, even though its supposed to be 'lightweight'

  • hiya do you know were i can get the cheapest icandy peach blossom? thanks
  • theyre the same price everywhere unfortunatly unless ebay has some already! We tried 10 shops before someone said theyre all priced the same with no flexibilty! image
  • hello me and my fiancee are expecting a second child in december the 13th and we have are hearts set on the icandy pear now we have had different reviews about it and different quotes. I being the farther is the one who has to set the bill and its like having a heart attack as some off the quotes we are getting are around 800 - 900 

    now we are wanting to get the tandem and also the 2 footmuffs , changing bag and a carry cott 

    now ive been really everywhere and rung people for the cheapest one now the lowest price we have is is 747  which i dont know if thats good for that but if you know OF somewhere cheaper. please will you let me know many thanks !


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