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Hi, I need to know the best logo set for a 5yr old boy???



  • Ooh a set I'd say-most say 7yr+. I had the house kit for mothers dayimage £30 and my nearly 3 year old plays well with it. Toys-r-us have some good complete kits! Love lego in this house!!!!!
  • I like Lego that doesn't make just one particular toy.Just a big tub of loads of different kinds.Leave the rest to their imagination.We love Lego in this house too
  • We also love lego!  Where would we be without ti?!image

    My oldest is really into lego star wars at the mo, however the bigger sets are really expensive (silly me has bought him one of said sets for xmas, needless to say he aint getting much else!)

    Like theoldwomanwholives in a shoe, a big general tub if you can find one is a good start, ot the Lego City sets are slightly cheaper.  Hope you manage to find something.

  • It depends on what your boy likes. If it would be his first set choose something from lego duplo eg. fire station, or construction site. More detailed and complicated (but apropriate from 5) are city sets. And again, everything depends on his intrests: rocket station, police station, airport, knigths or set with CARS characters.

    Maybe show him the lego cataloque and see what he likes?

  • A big tub of allsorts of lego sounds brilliant! Let the imagination run wild!

  • My 5 year old loves the lego heroes canisters abt £8 each and can mix and match them, although not technicaly lego at least he can put it together himself without me having to do it and he gets a sense of achievement from it.

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