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Hi, i'm expecting my first baby in may. Even though many might think we're mad but my husband and i would ideally like to have four kids and plan to have them fairly close together - health permitting of course. Can anyone recommend a puschair/ buggy that can adapt for a growing family? Thinking of costs! Im aware of the Phil and ted range but wondered if there were any other suggestions or advice?


  • Hi.

    I've only got the 2 but they are 20 months apart. I bought a Silver Cross 3d when I was expecting my DS, and this has seen me through both but would probably do at least another one. I found that my DS didnt really want to go into his buggy much once DD came along. I had a twin pushcahir for Silver Cross, but its barely been used. We did use a cheap umbrella fold buggy when we were on holiday cos we found that was the only time DS wanted to be pushed and its easier when trying to get around places having two pushchairs instead of a twin or tandem (if there are 2 of you out and about) I also always had my Baby sling with me in case he didnt want to walk when I got to wherever I was going so could carry baby and push son.

    I did later buy a step seat thingy to attach to the 3D but I didnt get on with it.

    so lots of options depending what sort of layout you are looking at?
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