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How to dismantle a Bumbo Play Tray


I got a bumbo play tray. Just wondering if anyone having hard time to dismantle the tray? I couldnt get it out at all!

Helps please.



  • I bought a Bumbo and the playtray 2 days ago so I'm a bit of a novice too,but I haven't tried to dismantle it.I do find it awkward fixing it on with Merlin in it.His legs are too chubby to put him in with the tray already on.Not sure if I'm doing it right but I have to tip the Bumbo to get the tray on where it hooks underneath.No instructions.Comes off quite easy.
  • i couldnt/cant put mine in with a tray on, jo your doing it right, well thats how i do it.

    Once the 'leg' is on the tray it cannot be removed if thats what you mean eileen, andrew tried and smashed ours to bits by pulling the leg off.

  • Apart from that I like it.Great little gadget,and of course it's a big hit with the other kids cos it has the word "bum" in it's name.image
  • Thanks for all your quick reply!! Very helpful!!

    Hi theoldwomanwholivesinashoe, i having hard time to put the tray in when my daughter in there! if i put it on, i'm having hard time to put her in!!

    ya laura, i'm been trying to dismantle the leg and tray. no luck! my husband wants to drill it! hahahah...

  • LOL jo

    i love my bumbo, the best buy (after the buggy)

    ive had it since jacks was 4mnths (well not that exact one i swapped with a mate or pink when lola was 5mnths) and itsfab. lola has breakast in it everyday still as did jack until he was 15mnths, we take it most places without children so we can restrain jack or lola to eat, so handy and so simple!

    wish id got red though

  • tip for the tray going on with baby in,

    hope this makes sense.

    I have the tray tilted towards little one and pull it on to the pommel i then lift the front of the bumbo slightly and put fingers under bumbo and use my palm to pop on the leg.

    Hope that makes sense, it gets easy, ive been doing it 2yrs now!

  • I love the bumbo and Sophie does too. The best thing we bought although ours doesnt have a tray can you buy them separatly and is it really worth it?

  • They sell them separately,I saw one in Boots last week.We bought both because it gave Merlin somewhere to sit and play,and we used it as a highchair for several months.We used to sit it on the table while the rest of the family had dinner(I know it says not on a raised surface,but we were right there).He loved being part  of it all.

    Think it cost about a tenner,not much more,but he used it a lot

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