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Tandem buggy

Hi girls

I'm sorry I realise there have probably been a gazillion posts on this in the past but I can't find any. Can anyone please recommend a tandem buggy?

I am expecting baby no 2 in May and ds will turn 2 the week after this one comes along. For a start - do I even need a doubler?

If you think yes & I'm inclined to think I probably do, plus I'm not overly enamoured with my current one but would stick with it if I really don't need another for cost saving purposes. (I currently have the Mamas & Papas Pliko Pramette).

So, what I'm looking for is:

- Slim line tandem (rather than a side by side double)

- Not too big or bulky, can fit in the car easily etc and not too heavy as I'm having a section this time

- Baby can lie flat

- Easy to steer (this is my main problem with the pliko)

I was going to go for a Phil & Teds but now someone I know has just said they hate theirs as the tyres are always puncturing. Does anyone have any experience of that? Is this still my best option anyway? I'm starting to think all buggies have something wrong with them!! :roll:


  • I have 18 months between my two, ds1 is now 22 months and ds2 is 17 weeks tomorrow. I thought I wouldn't need one, but once Hubby went back to work I soon realised I did need a double. Mainly for going to town or out with friends or for a long walk...

    I have the P&T's Dash - We LOVE it!!

    Easy to steer one handed (like when holding hands with a toddler!!)

    Light to push considering it has 2 boys in!

    Baby lies flat

    Doesn't take up more room in our car than the Mothercare My 3... in fact I'd say takes up less space.

    Can be converted in a single when eldest child wants to walk

    Always gets compliments when out and about

    Regarding tyres, you can go to Halfords and get some gel they put inside the tyre that helps prevent punctures.

    Slimline, not had an issue getting in and out of shops or on the bus yet image

    Downsides (to be fair)

    It is VERY pricey, even looking on Ebay, they don't see "cheap" but that is good when it comes to resale I suppose?

    Can be heavy to lift when folded up.

    Just in case, buy a couple of spare tyre inner's - can never say never with regards to punctures!

    Not one model of the P&T's is "perfect"... all of them have something you say "I wish it did this..."

    (But no double is perfect - as you will see once you get hunting!!)

    My advice is to get yourself to a megastore like Kiddicare and try loads out.

    Good luck with it all!! xx
  • I've got the Babyjogger City Select, and it's absolutely fabulous. I'm expecting D?3 in February (also by c-sec), and prior to finding out we were pg again, I was also struggling about with the M&P Pliko - I hate that pushchair!

    So, we got the BJCS and have been using it as a single since September, but can't wait to use it in doubles mode.

    It is slightly wider than the Pliko, but it takes up less space in the boot (as a single anyway), and it's sooooooo easy to steer - can easily do it with one hand, so when DS2 decides he's walking, I'll have no problems holding his hand and steering at the same time.

    The wheels on this one cannot be punctured, so that problem is ruled out straight away. It can also be used in a variety of positions, so baby can be facing you, both children facing each other, carrycot option, and carseat (Maxicosi) compatible. I'm not a fan of P&Ts, as I don't like that the baby seems to be in the shopping basket, and doesn't have much of a view - not a problem with the City Select.

    Have a look:-

    But i'd also agree with Sarah85_x - go somewhere that stocks a good range of tandems so that you can compare them side by side.

    Happy shopping

    Tracy x
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