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Buggy Board Recommendations

Hi ladies, I'm looking into getting a buggy board but have no idea where to start! I like the look of the Seat 2 go ones so Daniel can sit down, but not sure if they would be too long and found force me to stretch too much to reach the handlebars?

Can anyone recommend anything; I now have a standard buggy so any should fit. Mothercare by us is terrible so doesn't stock any I can go and look at.

Thanks xx


  • He's 25 months and very mature for his age - too blooming intelligent for his own good!! And aim is to use it when his little bro/sis comes along in April when he'll be 28-29 months-ish so will be perfect age wise.

    I've seen one that apparently goes up to a weight of 30kg and aimed at 2-6 year olds but think that might just damage my buggy! Might have to see if I can pick one up on ebay. Can it be lifted up if you're not using it or does it need removing completely? Thanks for your help! x
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