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Those with an icandy peach blossom opinions please? (also in toddler)a

I have just found out I am pregnant with baby number two and DS1 will be 18months when I am due. We are thinking of getting the Peach blossom but would like to know people's thoughts on it. It looks lovely but I am not sure the main seat will be big enough for DS1.

Any thoughts? Also anyone selling one second hand????


  • don't have the peach, but do have the pear, slightly heavier but the seats are bigger, the peach is definately not worth the extra ??400+ in my opinion...i often see both the peach and pear on ebay, for arund ??450, so seems the pear retains more of it's value too, but if u do want the peach well worth checking out netmums nearly new or ebay x
  • hello and congrats x

    we will also have a 18 month gap and are going for the pear hopefully second hand (trawling ebay), we went into john lewis to have a play and put DS in both the pear and peach and he was already squished in the peach at 12 months, the pear is much bigger, might be worth a trip with LO to see how much room you'll have
  • I had a close friend who had a peach (with an 18mth age gap in her two kids) and she's sold it already despite paying a fortune for it! She thought it was an amazing pram as a single and worked of with toddler and newborn but not once carrycot comes off, as seats won't adjust enough without comprimising other child's space and won't recline enough etc.

    I know she wouldn't recommend it for 19mth age gap so thought i'd pass it on!
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