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Double buggies?

I'm starting to think I need a double buggy but what should I get? I need advice.

Abby is now 2yrs+1 and Charlie is 4 months with good head control (nearly sitting unaided). I have a wonderful bugaboo which I love so don't want to buy an expensive double. I also don't want a pushchair where poor Charlie is underneath as he is already nosey, never mind 2 years time.

What do people recommend?

H xx


  • I've got the Graco Stadium Duo and love it; they sit behind one another but not like a Phil & Teds, the back seat is raised slightly so the kid at the back can see over the child in front. I've not used it much myself but a friend of mine is a childminder and has one - she absolutely loves hers and I've pushed it loads for her. Its so easy to push and go up curbs, can push it one handed as well so if Abby decides she wants to walk for a bit you can keep a hand on her and still push buggy, and has huge basket underneath for all the bits, yet it still quite compact when you fold it.

    Brand new they're about ??100 but I got mine off ebay, in fab condition with footmuffs & raincover for 99p! So there are real bargains to be had!
  • We have the baby jogger city select, there are 16 different seating combinations, and it can be used as a single. Neither child is shoved underneath out of the way, unlike phil and teds and the britax b dual, both children have a good seating position on the city select, and it's s 4 wheeler so easier to push with 2 kids in. It also has a huge shopping basket image It is a bit more expensive but is fantastic value.


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