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Baby Jogger City Mini - really good?

I reeeeeeeally want one of these pushchairs!! My DD is 15 months and we've been using the iCandy Apple since day 1 and it's AMAZING but I'm looking for a lightweight stroller to make it easier to take in & out of the car (iCandy is bulky) and also we're going on holiday in June so need to good stroller.

We do have a M&P Kato stroller, used literally 3 times as it's not great. DD, not on the small side ( :lol: ) looks slumped down in it and really uncomfortable.

I LOVE the look of the Baby Jogger City Mini, ive yet to see it in real life though so I haven't had a go with it. I cant quite justify the ??200+ price tag though to be fair.

Soooooo, if you've got one (or used one) how good is it? Do you know what nationwide shops have them in store for me to try it out? Is it worth the price tag? I've looked on eBay but id rather buy new - anywhere that does them "cheaper"??

Thanks xx


  • ive got the double one and i love it!!!! its easy to push and light and the fold up bit is amazing,i dont think they is many ppl on here who have the single one but the one that have,they also love it
  • Yes, it really does live up to the hype! We have had it from when ds was about 15 months and love it. The best things are it is so lightweight, smooth to push even one handed, spacious and the best bit is it folds in one quick motion.

    Think we got ours from the Oxford Pram Centre online. But they sell them at loads more stores now. Had a quick look and debenhams stock them for ??195 with free delivery.

    I didn't look at one first, I just went with all the positive reviews and recommendations from the ladies on here! No regrets.
  • Ooooooooo thank you ladies, you're selling it so well eeeeek!!! I REALLY want one!

    Will it be ideal to travel with (I.e on an aeroplane?) Does it fold really small so will pretty much fit in any car boot?

    Oh, and the most important thing of course LOL.............what colour would you go for? :lol: xx
  • It folds over (to half size) and should fit in most car boots not like a bulky travel system!

    We took ours to Portugal on the plane. Was fab and easy to use there.

    We went for Red, cream and black which is a nice combo! Think they do loads more colour ways now though!

    I was the same as you, a bit put off by the price tag as we already had a bugaboo! But we use it all the time now and think it is well worth the price. We had a mamas and papas nipi stroller before which was pants, didn't turn easily, felt heavy to push and phaffy to fold - it was only ??80 but we hardly ever used it so a bit of a waste!!
  • buy it! buy it! buy it! i got haydens from john lewis back in june 2009 and it still looks great. so easy to push, fold, and clean! the whole seat pops off and goes in wash! i have a suzki swift and it fits in great, and if i take wheels off ( also dead easy, even in pouring rain!) it can lay flat in boot and i can get my shopping in too!!

    cant recomend it enough!!

    love fiona
  • i have had 6 pushchairs and this is BY FAR the BEST!!!

    It has made my life SOOOO much easier i LOVE IT!!!!!

    I got it from boots when they have an offer on for ??159.00

    If you find it really cheap on line mothercare will price match in store for you.

  • Thank you ladies. I've been having a look online and the cheapest so far has been a website called Baby's Mart which was ??162.99; but they only do it in orange/grey, green or stone hmmm..........think i've set my sights on the red one lol!

    However, is there a huge difference between the Mini and the Metro?? From what I can tell their dimensions and weight are the same, looks like the Metro has a smaller hood?? xx
  • I'm going with the Mini yipeeeeeeeeee!!!! :lol:

    Ooo and hubby's agreed I can get one (to be fair, he didn't have a lot of choice hehehehe!!)

    Just need to find the best price for a red one, Mothercare's price is great as i've got a 10% discount code too BUT they're not in stock for another 4-6 weeks grrr :roll: xx
  • I think the main difference between the metro and mini is that the metro doesnt recline?

  • Love the city mini. Had ours for over a year and it really is one of the best.

    We have a C1 and it fits in the boot without having to take the wheels off (just need the parcel shelf off) so the fold is compact and very easy to do.

    As far as the different versions go, there is a micro which doesn't recline that's around ??130. The metro is supposed to be a slightly slimmed down spec of the mini from places like kiddicare. I did read a couple of reviews that said the metro wasn't worth going for as it wasn't quite so well constructed (don't know how true that is). is one of the cheapest and a very reputable place. Their outlet is near us so we've been there, seen them, dealt with them and I'd highly recommend them as a good stable company. when we bought price was around ??169 if I remember rightly. Alternative best was about ??189 including the rain cover.

    Might be worth checking mothercare as think they have 10% off all pushchairs at the moment according to the store blurb when I was in there today.
  • its amazing!!!!! we have had ours 12 months now and i wouldnt be without it. such an easy pram to use, one fold and its away, fits into the boot of my polo with one wheel off, which just pops off easy peasy.

    love the massive hood which covers evie when she is snoozing. its light, so easy to use around busy shops looks good, reclines fully, the list is endless!!!!!

    i give it 11/10!!! xxx
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