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Does anyone have a Maxi Cosi Axiss?

Hi ladies,

Well I've bitten the bullet and ordered a stage 1 car seat for James. I was all set on a Britax, as the seat seemed more padded on some of these. But OH remembered me talking about the Axis, and once we saw how easy it was, we went for that instead.

We had to order it, as it's on sale in Mothercare, so must be reasonably popular.

Does anyone have a Maxi Cosi Axis, any info good or bad?

Thanks. xx


  • We have two, one for each of our cars, they are fab! very very easy to use and definately money well spent. I am currently 8 months pregnant and it has been a god send not to have to do the awkward bending to get my daughter into the car!! All my friends are very jealous when they see it!
  • Thanks for your reply Chrissie. Congrats on your pregnancy. xx
  • I have one too mithical!!! I love it, again its one more thing to make life easier on my back!!! People are always intrigued by it and as Chrissie said, many are jealous, lol!

    Go for it, I got mine at a bargain price of ??120 from Amazon, brand new! Never looked back. One thing I would say though is that is heavy and a bit of a fiddle to install when compared to others. However, I look at this as being a safety feature as it is so secure, it aint going anywhere! Just a pain if you are moving it in and out of cars.

    How are you these days anyway?

  • Hello mrsS!!

    We only use one car to transport James, so bulkiness hopefully won't be a problem. His grandparents are looking to move closer, so if they do, they can choose what they want in their car! :lol:

    I'm good thanks. Getting used to all the changes of having a 1 yesr old. The 1st year has gone too fast. Not enjoying being back at work 4 days a week, I'm shattered! :lol: Otherwise James is enjoying nursery 2 days a week. Still waiting for him to walk, but he loves being on his feet and cruising. Got his first pair of proper shoes the other week. image

    How about you?? xx
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