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should i get phil and teds explorer?

my second due in may and want a light,easy double. i have looked at p&t and looks like the best one out there,despite the expense! anyone got any pro's/com's for me?


  • were going foe the city jogger double mini. its a side by side but, i think its the best one iv seen. xx
  • I am obsessed with doubles too far the city jogger is coming out top.

    I like the concept of P&T but worried about the bottom child, my little one for example would never tolerate being the bottom one.....he barely stays in a normal pram now without the great escape
  • I am more of a fan of the more modern side by sides, unless you have two LOs close in age when a tandem may be more suitable.

    The City mini double is a fab pushchair as the others have said. I have the single and love it and will be keeping it for as long as possible!

    I decided to go with the Nipper Out n About 360 double, which is very similar to the jogger double and also an excellent double with great reviews. I picked up a second hand one for ??100 which is a great price, I didn't want to pay out loads for a pushchair won't be using for a long time.
  • i dont like the side by side ones tbh. i want one thats easy to go into shops ect.
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