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Double prams (side by side) which a maxi cosi will click into?

Any ideas?

I will have a 24 month old and new born and love the clip and go eliment of maxi cosi and would like that in a double (not a fan of the one on top of each other style)



  • Bugaboo Donkey?

    Not sure that it does this, but I think so...

    I need to stop with my pram obsession!

    Bets XxX
  • It does it does!

    But, it's ??899 in mono and ??1099!!! in duo config!

    Depends how much you want that click and go of maxicosi and side by side seating, if I were you, I could easily justify this argument with my husband, (if it weren't for my vintage Silvercross that is, that means I need never look at another pram, yet I still do!)

    It gets launched here in the spring, ( I may go to JL forf a play!)

    Bets XxX
  • the easywalker duowalker sky twin takes maxi cosi cabrio (with adpators)is quite a nice side by side too and can use carrycot....retails around ??600 new....


    ps (just had a look and the firstwheels city twin is NOt compatible with the maxi cosi
  • Betsygrub we are on pram 4 - all of them have been justified to DH who now just raises an eyebrow now haha.......

    I didnt want to spend that much but if I fall in love with to have a nose at them now...
  • The Bugaboo donkey was retailing at ??1400 in some stores - just to warn you!!!
  • hahaha at ??1400 DH might raise more than an eyebrow he might raise a big phat NO!

    What are you going for coco?
  • NO IDEA and it is stressing me out a little. The two I prefer (baby city jogger wotsit) and phil and teds I don't actually like so I am hoping another one will be invented soon. COnsidering using sling and current single buggy for a little while if I still don't know.
  • Another one to throw into the mix, which I have just bought, is the Mountain Buggy Double. Again, not cheap, but honestly it is an absolute dream to move about! We have the single and I have only ever owned this buggy and cannot fault it on anything! It is quite pricey, but very much worth it, and their resale value is amazing! A friend just sold hers that was 4 years old on ebay and got ??400 for it! Plus, even though it is side by side, it fits through my front door which is a big plus in my books.
  • Like Coco I might wait and see what I feel once baby is here. Esp as Beth hated being in pram and I ended up using my Connecta carrier loads until she could sit up.

    My sis was desperate for a P&T but was waiting to find a bargain on Ebay or somewhere. Once No2 arrived she just used her front carrier and had toddler in normal buggy. Then when she dropped toddler off at childminder etc she converted buggy (Pliko Pramette) into pram mode and put No2 in. After 6 months my niece just wanted to walk all the time anyway and there wasn't really a need for the double. She has a buggy board they take out just in case she gets too tired to walk but hasn't really used it.

    I have a feeling I might do the same as although I do really want a double I can see that it might not get used for that long to be worth it. If anything I might buy a new single buggy (Baby Jogger City Mini) as I really want one handlebar so I have a hand free to grab No1!

    I def don't want a side by side as don't want to be walking around with only one side used! If I get one it will def be a tandem that you can remove the extra seat so I can carry on using it later on just fo No2.

  • its not a side by side but we have the icandy pear which also goes back to a single when you no longer need to extra seat, we got a second hand one, it take maxicosi carseat x
  • i've also got the icandy pear, and love it! bonus is it fits on the bus! woohoo! was ??685 in june inc carrycot. it was between that and the baby jogger city select for us x
  • You could get the Baby Jogger City mini double - the maxi cosi fixes on that with a set of adapters.
  • Hi

    I am GC this thread! i do have at toddler but don't yet have another on the way. Have any of you seen the Buggypod? I saw it recently when walking around our local lake and actually stopped to ask the woman what it was. I thought it seemed fab and definately the way I intend to go, if we have another little one. It clips on the side of your single pram and un folds into a seat for your toddler when they need it, and when they want to walk, it folds back in and clips so your pram is effectively a single. It didn't look too wide when it was out either. They couple I spoke to had a mountain buggy with it attached (at least I think it was a mountain buggy). I think it costs under ??100. You can get rain covers etc for it too.
  • where can you order adaptors for the baby jogger double side by side?



  • ive just got a TFK duo twinner twist, i love it.

    Its a side by side, got a carrycot for the newbie and then a double seat once they are too big for the carrycot, the maxicosi clips onto it. It fits through a standard door and is light to push. Only 4 weeks to wait and i can use it for real.


  • I've got a bugaboo donkey and its great! I got it with 20% off so shop around you may be able to get a good deal!

  • If you can do without the carseat transfer & put up with placing bubs into pushchair the Maclaren Twin Triumph is a double lightweight compact pushchair suitable from birth as seats fold down near flat for newborns. Cost will vary from site to site but ours cost £189.

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