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changeing bags whats best??

Hiya dose anyone no the best place to by changeing bags as im due in like 5-6 weeks and my daugther kyra is only 14 months so i still have her stuff in a changeing bag and i dnt no wether to by a new big changeing bag or to get kyra a little rucksack and the baby have her old bag any ideas?? xx


  • I have two changing bags,one for the baby ,one for the toddler.You might want to take just one out,and it's also easier to keep all baby's things together,and same for toddlers.You have different size nappies,spare clothes for both,by the time you get the bottles in as well,plus the juice cup for the toddler,that's a lot for one bag.We actually had three changing bags for that reason last summer.
  • lol oh yeah i didnt even think of half the stuff that would need to go in the bag, i think i will stick to them haveing one each. do you no ant good places to by them? xx
  • I bougt a new one with my second arrival. I made sure it was a big one (still overflows). I got a Lara Jill Changing bag and love it to bits. So far it is really good.

  • I have a two n a half year old n an 8month old n I abandoned my changing bag a while ago... Get a really big handbag, they are so expensive think of the amazing lifelong handbag you could buy instead? Get cups that have caps n are anti-spill n you are sorted. I have never used the changing mats that come in changing bags n feel that that element is the biggest selling point, or difference between them n just an ordinary bag...
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