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Babystyle Oyster pram

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has an opinion of the Babysytle Oyster prams?

Thinking of buying it as the price isn't too bad at ??300ish.



16 & 6 image x


  • We have purchased this pram... well we are in the process,still one payment to go. I'm due in may so no real experience with it yet but OH and I LOVE it! we went for the tomato colour pack and the black chasis, I cant wait to use it!! image
  • I have the oyster, I would be really wary of this product, we bought ours before my son was born and the first time we took him out in it the wheel locked up and we couldn't go anywhere, we got it fixed but then other things started to go wrong, rust, then it squeeked and rattled, we got a replacement sent but then the front wheel fell off within a month. we are now stuck with a pushchair we don't want as we feel its unsafe and they won't refund us! I think this is a really unsafe product and really wouldn't recommend this pushchair at all.
  • I have the oyster for our 4 month old daughter and I love it. I have the carrycot and use the maxi cosi carseat.

    I use buses and have found it fab on there as it's compact, and it's a small frame in the car boot.

    It folds easily and quickly and with the buggy arrangement still attached - so unlike most travel systems it can be an efficient pram and a compact buggy. A lot of mums seem to end up replacing their travel systems with buggies but with this i don't think you need to.

    I also think it looks great and a lot of women have complimented me on it. I'd definitely recommend, and I've had none of the problems mentioned above.
  • Hi

    We purchased the oyster last year (june) and I love it!!! So easy to push and use. My friends husbands loves it far more than his own even lol

    I would def recommend and I am going to get the carrycot for it for my next as I want to use it from the start next time. Previously had the Silver cross 3D, which I set my heart on when pregnant, but wish I'd tested pushchairs out. I recommend Kiddicares store at peterbrough for this. It has every pushchair/ pram going (except Mamas & papas's)and the staff are so helpful!

    Hope this helps image x
  • hey there, sorry to gatecrash this post but I was just wondering of those of you who do have this pram do you have a parasol for it?? I'm due in 3weeks and wondering where I should get one from? and how much did it cost? preferably black or red

    thanks in advance

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