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car seat advice please!

Hi I would be very greatful if anyone has any advice for me re car seats.

I bought my lovely VW Golf just before finding out I'm expecting baby no.3!

I LOVE my car and don't want to change to a mum bus! I currently use two Britax stage 1-2-3 seats for my 5 yr old and 3 yr ols and am happy with them, but size wise they're pretty big..I have a maxi cosi for the baby and think this is the smallest/ thinnest I'll find, any advice on thinner stage 2-3 toddler models?

Please help!!!

thanks image


  • i had the same problem as you, i have a maxi cosi which i use for the baby and then have a 5 and 3 year old too but the seat in the middle is so hard to get in and its difficult to buckle the middle child in.  I have found a new car seat which is narrower and which is soft so it will fit in nice and snug.  I have just order two after seeing them in the paper yesterday, you can find them on

     A local girl in Northern ireland designed these to fit in the middle space with the added bonus that they inflate/deflate so you can send them with your child in their schoolbag if someone else has to pick them up - great idea when your expecting a baby and may need someone else to collect your child at short notice.

     They meet all the safety regulations and might just do your job - i have just been on the website and ordered two for my older kids, one for the car and one for the school bag.

    hope this helps 


  • What an idea!!!

    I love everything what I can fold as I am mum of three. And actually searching for something like this image. Just I am missing the high back as we travel a lot by car and I know that boosters never work for us. Anyway - very, very, very good idea!
  • I found it!!! It has my 'missing' high back image and looks quite comfortable to me. Just what we needed.

    Will get one now image and then off to sleep image.
  • Hi everyone,

    my children were sick last week so I was running around them and had no time to write a feedback for the Easycarseat I bought it.

    It's just fantastic! We tested and since then - we just have it in our car. My daughter fond it very comfy and me - very light and easy to use. Also thanks to the heigh adjuster she is in the right position all the time if you know what I mean. Nothing bothers me more than 'hanging' kid while I am driving image!

    So I ordered one more for my 3 years old!
    Overall, I am very impressed. Thanks to all of you who design 'useful' folding things for families! image
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