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Foam number mats

I think they're made of foam...Does anyone know if these can stay outside in all weather?

Riley's got a playhouse for his birthday and I'm thinking of getting some of these to put down on the ground for the house to sit on as our yard is all paved. Just not sure how they will cope with the rain?

Or does anyone have any other ideas of what to put down? x


  • i would be a bit worried about mold and yuck growing on them, but then i do live in a very wet scotland!! i gues as long as you checked them regularly they could be okay. have you thought of just plane ones rather than numbers just a thought as we have the number ones in doors and the bits like the circles of the number 8 sometimes go missing.,default,pd.html

    love fi
  • i have A-Z ones that fit together like a jigsaw. think they were bout ??10 in tesco,

    mine were out all through summer then in winter i just put them in the bag they came in. Forgot to take bag in though so there still piss wet through but they look alright, might just need to hose them down and hang them on washing line when it gets a bit warmer.x
  • I think I'm just gonna get them and see how they cope, they're only ??4 in Matalan so won't be too bothered if they get ruined. I'll just bring them in when it gets too cold for Riley to go outside again. x
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