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Stokke Xplory Still Number1?

The first time I ever saw the Stokke Xplory was about 4 years ago and I was hooked!  

I started to do some research as I was a prospective mum on the look out for a good baby travel system.  As many of you will know the choice is huge and choosing the right one can be confusing.   

I didn’t know what to look for and initially came to the conclusion that I would buy one which had good reviews which at the time was the bugaboo and the xplory, It also had to be  simple to use and fairly compact.  I saw the Xplory whilst I was shopping in Reading and the first thing I noticed was the height and the proximity of the baby to the mum.  I was struck by how comfortable it seemed and that was it my decision between the two had been made.

 I looked it up on the internet, at first not getting the name right as I had only caught a glance at the name as it wizzed past me.  Once I found their site I could see it in more detials and also read up on it, the fact that Stokke makes products not only baded on cutting edge design but also the fact that the xplory was deisgned from the ground up to be different and to take into account the needs of mum & their toddlers.

 My little Daughter loved sitting in the xplory compared to our other travel pram (I didn't want to risk the xplory with airline baggage handlers and it must be said that the travel bad had no padding and gives not much protection so we used a little cheap pram from Argos to go on holidays with).

One of the best things about the xplory was that the resale value was so high,  I got just under £400 for it on Ebay, and because I'm looking again I've even seen ones selling 2nd hand for more than the new price which is just crazy. 

Now I'm looking once again for another pram / travel system as there is another little bump on the way and I'm wondering if the Xplory is still top dog in terms of prams. 

 The only thing I didn't like about our one was that the car seat wouldn't fit. I know they now have newer models which will accept car seats although I think that because the car seat isn't factored into the design they now look like golfing cars when you see them with the maxi-cosi car seats.

In all I loved my Stokke Xplory which reallyhelped after my birth when I had a bad back and didn't have to bend over to push,  

Just looking for Advice on if I should go for the Xplory if its still as great as it once was or recommendations for something else. 

it must have the baby up high as as be able to be front face as well as rear facing as having the baby facing me when teaching her how to speak was a god send and worth the xplory alone. This is why it needs to be up high also so I can talk face to face (as I have a bad back and won't be able to bend over). 



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