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Has anyone used a buggy board and how good are they? I have a new Loola pushchair and have found a buggy board suitable to fit but wondered how good they are and easy to use. My other child is 4 and weighs 17kg. This board can be used until 20kg. She's only gained a couple of pound since before Christmas so if this continues I will have the use of it for about 6 months (to get me through the summer and a busy summer holiday we have planned with lots of walking in busy areas) Any advice would be much appreciated x


  • hiya

    i have a buggy board and i think its a life saver i would be lost without mine my daugther is 3 n she loves it hope iv helped image
  • Thanks that is brilliant. I just re posted this again as I hadn't seen your reply but I am grateful for your advice. I just didnt want to spend money on something other people wouldnt recommend . Thank you
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