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Oyster Pram and new style Fiesta

Hi does anyone have the oyster pram and the new shape fiesta, or experience of fitting an oyster in the new fiesta?

At present I have a corsa, but have a new fiesta on order which should come about the end of April. I went to look at prams today and really like the oyster, shop owner let me try in my boot and I could just get the chassis and carrycot in the boot of my corsa and close it with the parcel shelf off, but literally no room for anything else!

Was wondering if the chassis and carrycot would fit in the boot of my new fiesta the same as I really want to order my pram now rather than wait til new car comes which I feel will be leaving it a bit late, thanks in advance for your help x


  • I don't have a fiesta but I do have the oyster, I would be really wary of this product, we bought ours before my son was born and the first time we took him out in it the wheel locked up and we could go anywhere, we got it fixed but then other things started to go wrong, rust, then it squeeked and rattled, we got a replacement sent but then the front wheel fell off within a month. we are now stuck with a pushchair we don't want as they won't refund us! I think this is a really unsafe product and really wouldn't recommend this pushchair at all.
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