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Has anyone tried the silver cross surf?

Hi, has anyone tried / tested the new silver cross surf yet?

my nursey shop say they just got one in to view, but has anyone bought or properly tested one?

 Would love to see a full review on made for mums asap!!!




  • Hi Wendy,

    We're currently in the process of getting the Surf reviewed for MFM. We're as excited as you are about seeing how well in performs... Stay tuned for the results!


  • Any idea when the review will be on here?
  • Our reviewer and baby daughter are putting the Surf through its paces as we speak! We should have the insider goss on how it performed up on MFM in May.
  • I've bought the silver cross surf and I am very pleased with it's quality so far.  We had a little trouble working out how to release the car seat and pushchair but after reading the instructions properly it is very easy,  thankfully!  it's easy to fold and it's compact. 

     I bought the surf as I liked the idea that it was suitable from birth, the only down side I can see is that the basket is a little on the small side.

  • Hi, I've tested a Surf, and am dissapointed image

    I thought the quality was quite poor, the new material used on the base is great, but thought the plastic used for the handle etc was cheap feeling???

    And we had trouble with the fold/ unfold, and in the 6 times it took to get used to it, a scratch appeared on the frame where the catch holds it closed.

    I agree the fabric seems very good quality, but colour representaion in the catalogue/ online is poor as the linen is silver!!! The shopping basket is pointlessly small and the fact it can't fold with the seat in place means it's a no no for anyone with a small car or using public transport.

    Overall, I think the Surf will be fantastic next year when they've listened to some customer feed back and adapted some of it's flaws...but I will be buying a Quinny Buzz as time is not a luxury for me! Not that the Buzz is second choice, trying them both I believe it is currently  the better system...sorry Silver Cross!

  • Hi guys - the Silver Cross Surf review is now published.Take a look, and do let us know what you think, good or bad! 

    Nia, make sure you post a Reader Review!


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