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Best price for baby jogger city select package?

I really want the baby jogger city select with carry cot and second seat. It's coming in at ??650+ from places like next, debenhams etc

There's then a whole range of sites that say ring for the best price - which I'm not too sure about.

Does anyone know where the best place to get the best price is?



  • I got mine from Lullaboo baby last year - but I wouldn't personally recommend them as I had tons of problems with them (not the buggy). The man on the phone was very nice, but as soon as he got the sale his quality service disappeared out of the window. also do it, and they will price match, so it might be worth calling a few places (John Lewis, Lullaboo baby, Babyworld, Boots and Kiddicare) see which gives you the best price and then see if somewhere like Preciouslittleones etc will price match it for you. I've used this company before with no problems whatsoever. So if there's a store you have used and are happy with, get a price match - I think most stores will nowadays.

    Hope you get the price you want - it's a fab buggy!

  • Thanks Poppygirl will definitely try that - that's really helpful!
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