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Tandem buggies - which is best?


I am currently looking at double buggies and have decided to go for a tandem. I have been trying to decide which is the best to go for. I had thought about going for a phil and teds. However recently I've been looking at the iCandy pear/peach or baby jogger city select as I like the fact you can have a carry cot on it and I like that there is parent facing mode, I don't however like the prices!

Do does anyone have a good tandem buggy? I am particularly interested in knowing if there is one where the baby can face you and the toddler face outwards (both in cot or buggy mode?).

There will be about 21 1/2 months between my 2.

Thanks. Xxx


  • I have the Baby Jogger City Select, and it does 16 different positions. The carrycot can face you, and the seat face outwards (I think, haven't tried it this way). Once both seats are in use, either can face both ways. It really is a great, versatile pushchair. They can be picked up nearly new on eBay for a lot less too, if you're not to bothered about that. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with 2 lo's close together in age. xx
  • we have the pear and got it second hand off ebay as we couldnt afford it new, i love it esp as it can be used as a single too!
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