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Double Buggies

I am really hoping one of you lovely ladies can help me.

My DD is 13 months and I am expecting number2 in Oct, so I am currently looking for double buggies. The trouble I am having is finding one (reasonably priced) that will fit in my VW Polo. I am not the biggest fan of tandums so would idealy like a side by side. Although if I cant find anything I may have to start looking into the P&T


  • ive got a baby jogger city mini and its fab
  • Hiya

    I've also bought the baby jogger city mini double, although not used it yet (apart from pushing it around the house & back garden ha ha!) cos my 2nd baby isn't due until June. We have a peugeot 307 & it fits into the boot no probs - very easy to fold & light too.

    Good luck x
  • I've got the Babyjogger City Select, and it's fab. One of it's best features is that it's really compact when it's folded. It all comes apart really easily, and you can also take the wheels off - so you can store them under seats etc if you don't have much room in your car boot.

    I know you said you didn't like tandems, but this one is great - and it reverts back to a single pushchair once your eldest is walking.

    Have fun shopping - pram shopping is fab!

  • Hi

    I've got the out n about nipper 360 double and its fab. Really comfy for newborn and toddler and so light and easy to push even with one hand. Although its a side by side its not to wide and fine for in and out of shops aswell as being great off road.

    It fits in my small boot, we just have to take the parsol shelf off. Also the wheels come off really easily to allow more room.

    Only down side is it doesn't have much storage but you can buy the shopping basket that comes with it cheaply.
  • i have a 20month age gap between my two (dd 4months, ds just turned two)..we have the icandy pear, love it! one of very few (3 in total) tandems that have a carrycot option + carseat it, the only other two are the icandy peach and the baby jogger city select, the bjcs, was my second choice but is longer and wasn't sure would fit on bus, as i don't have a car that meant that i went with the pear. hth x
  • what i dont like about the city select is that the toddler cant face out when the baby is in a carrycot on top. my toddler would get very bored facing me. she loves facing out now. the obaby zoom allows the toddler to face out and the baby in a carrycot, but it looks big.
  • I have the Out and About Nipper and it's perfect for me as I do a lot of off-roading. Even better than my beloved Bugaboo.
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