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Backpack Carrier Recommendations

Hello all,

I've posted in "baby" but i wonder if anyone with a bit more experience has any good suggestions. So....

I have a six month old baby and I wonder if anyone can recommend a good backpack style carrier for her so we can go hiking? Or if you bought one and didn't like it it would be useful to hear what problems you had with it.

I wouldn't say money is no object but i don't mind spending money for useful features although not just for the sake of spending or for brand name.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks x


  • We did a lot of research as we regularly use ours for walking our dog and longer walks. Its surprising how heavy the frames are before you even have a child in them so that was a big consideration. We also looked at ones which came with a detachable bag but, to be honest, the other one of us carrys a rucksack so we found that was also a waste of time.

    In the end we have gone for a Little Life Cross Country S2 which I think we got from Cotswolds. We also invested in the extra raincover which has been invaluable and fits easily in the space at the bottom.

    Hope that helps. I also looked on mumsnet review page for ideas of what was available
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