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Which pushchair from birth to toddler???....

I really could do with advice on pushchairs from birth to ... a maxi cosi car seat needs to fit it!..

I'm going towards either a maxi cosi mura 3 or quinny 3?...

Any advice, gratefully received!...x


  • Hi Joanne, I narrowed my choice down to those 2 as well and have just gone for the Mura 3. I don't have it yet but i can give you some an insight into my choice. sorry this may be long image

    I live out of town and don't drive so wanted something that would deal with all terrain - parks, forrest, beach and snow. I wanted parent facing option for the buggy seat. suspension. air tyres. swivle/lockable front wheel. a double front wheel for a bit more stability on kirbs. travel system.

    I do also use buses occasionally for going to town but as we couldn't find an all purpose option we decided we would get a cheep buggy later on for trips on buses and holidays. All our friends advised that you eventually buy a light buggy anyway so we thought best to get something that does the opposite of that so we have 2 options.

    The Quinny is lighter and easier to fold, more compact and the rear tyre width is slightly less so can imagine might be better for shops. Very easy to manuvre in the shop. However from reviews I read there has been a few problems with rear wheel and breaks. also the seat doesn't recline - it tilts. so when you put the seat down for child to sleep their legs are up making it uncomfy. I also thought the buggy seat looked small.

    The mura 3 is heavier but I felt the weight was fine for me, its bulky when folded. wheels are bigger and the 2 front wheels are air filled - this isn't for everyone but best if you need to go over rough ground. the seat is fab looked so comfy and can be reclined with one hand. everything clicks in well. people have comented the hood is a bit small - they have changed the 2011 model to have a bigger hood but If i still find this is too small there are loads of UV nets and sun shades on the market. I love the carrycot its big and although hard can fold down for storage. also a good size basket underneath. we also got the pebble car seat and the family fix isofix base.

    go and have a play with them, fold them, try them in your boot and think about what you will be doing when LO comes

    along. google reviews for each and have a read.
  • Hi there

    Thank you so much for your comments. I will look at reviews on both, and make a decision!... But, that was really helpful.

    I think the Mura 3 may be better on different terrain but is a bit bigger when folded down.

    I really need to try these out which will definitely help me make a decision.

    Friends have also said that I will probably require a lighter, slimmer pushchair later on.

    Thanks again. Good Luck with everything. When are you due??... Jo. x
  • your welcome - I was excited to see someone else was looking at the mura I have never seen it out and about.

    not due till the end of sept, did my pram research to keep me occupied on the wait till my 20 week scan. Once that all went fine as a treat we went out and put down the deposit - cant wait to play with it.

    I am now on to changing bag research lol...really should be doing other things like decorating the house but thats not nearly as much fun.

    hope you manage to make a decision, when are you due? D
  • I am due early September with our first!...

    We've only purchased the car seat and base. Not able to do anything with the nursery as the house will be upside down until July, with the roof being replaced and walls building!!... It was something that had to be done, now we have a time limit!!...

    I'm also looking at baby carriers too, as we do alot of walking with the dog!..

    I shall let you know which pram we go for!.. Like you I had only seen the Mura in the Maxi Cosi brochure!.. I see alot of the Quinny and Silver Cross. It's funny how you look at more prams now when you're out and about!..

    Anyway, must go - bye for now... Jo..x
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