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Pram sun shade / extendable hood / shade a babe

I wonder if any of you can help...

We're going on hols a couple of times this year and I'm looking for something that will completely shade my toddler from the sun while in his pram. We had the iCandy Peach on hols last year and I found the parasol a waste of time and money, so we just put a blanket over the pram when our son was sleeping to shield him from the sun.

This year we are using the nipper 360 (just sold our iCandy) and although the hood is a lot bigger than the peach, it still doesn't shield him from the sun when asleep and laying flat.

Someone has offered us their shade a babe but I'd like to hear others reviews on it before I take it as I've also seen an extendable hood.


  • We have got this from argos:

    We use it on our Mclaren quest and have found it pretty good
  • I bought a shade a babe last year and love it!!

    My little girl can see out fine but it totally protects her. A bonus - she sleeps in the buggy with it on, never does normally!!

    It fit on the Mamas and Papas Pliko travel system and have recently bought the Mamas and Papas Pulse buggy and it fits on that too!!

    I would definitely recommend it!!

  • I have a ray shade which can be pulled right down over the buggy if you need it to.Its fab and really glad I got it. had a parasol for my first child and it was terrible. I avoided any that said blackout as didnt want my son to get used ot needing complete darkness to sleep, not sure if the shade ababe does that but thought it did xx
  • Sorry just realised thats the snooze shade that is blackout, please ignore me! x
  • Thanks ladies

    Bought the shade a babe in the end and it seems to have jinxed the weather as all we've had is rain since!

  • Ahh so its you who has brought the rain!! lol. Well, at least the garden looks greener image x
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