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iCandy Peach Special Edition


Has anyone heard anything about the new iCandy Peach special edition?


  • No! I know there's a special edition union jack cherry but nothing about a peach. How exciting!
  • I have my mind firmly set on the Peach but if I know there's a special edition coming out then maybe I should wait? What have you heard?
  • Hi

     Yes i have got the cherry, got it at a grate price from  they have some grate Icandy deals as i call about 20 shop's free delivery aswell.

     Don't know about the peach!!

  • the pictures for the icandy peach special edition have just been released. Its not for sale yet tho. the frame is black, the wheels are black. the fabrics is cream with like cartoon pictures of a city all over it. its really nice.

    the other special edition one is three wheels, the frame is brushed silver and the wheels are black. x

  • i hav just put a deposit on a icandy peach but interested in seeing the special eddition i hav been told buy my stockist that they will be able to order them at the baby show in march and they will have there deliveries in april!! there is a link on twitter where u can see some clips of it but you cant see it fully!
  • Well apparently the "London" Peach Special Edition is going to be released this summer maybe earlier.
  • Hi guys,

    After managing to get an early-bird look at the Peach Special Edition at last year's big trade fair in Germany, I've been dying to share it with you... and now I can!

    Please see our news story, complete with stunning (if a little mysterious!) pics for more on the Peach.

    Would love for you all to tell us what you think of the Peach SE...


  • Hi, im new to this forum and wanted to get some feedback on the Icandy Peach. My local stockist is about to recieve the world exclusive of their Special edition The World model. Ive seen pictures of it and it looks amazing with a black chassis and fab fabrics. Anyone got any thoughts?

    Id would be greatful for your advice

  • I have seen the new icandy limited edition peach the world in my local shop The babylady in Canterbury the only place in the world that has the very first pram with carrycot and a seat unit and all the accessories to match the detailing in it is amazing so many famous place around the world are on the every part of the pram.

    There's also a demonstration on how to use the pram from the manager of The Babylady on the icandy website and on there own website too.

    So go and have a look i wasnt disappointed and nor will be.

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