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Does anyone have an iCandy pear?


I currently have a DS who is 21 months and baby no 2 is due in 2 weeks! After lots of debating I think this is the double we will go for and I am watching several on eBay (can't afford full price right now!).

So can anyone share there experience of this buggy? I have read the seats can be on the small side, how have you found it? (my DS is quite small though so don't think it will be a problem).

Thanks. X


  • Hello image

    Not sure I'm going to be able to help much! I have an apple & will probably upgrade to a pear when no2 arrives. My concern is that the seats look really small. My son already looks big in his apple seat & the pear ones are even smaller. Going to wait until a month before EDD then take my son into John Lewis and put him in their display model...

    Just a warning, you will need a BIG boot to get a pear in. I've a huge boot on my car & the apple fits in nicely but I can't get much else in & the pear will (obviously!) be even bigger...

  • Thanks Ruth,

    Some really good points.

    I didn't realise it took up a lot of boot space, we currently have a Quinny buzz which fits in our boot with room to spare and I just guessed this would too as it looks a similar frame size. Do you think it will fit in a focus boot?

  • Hmmm, honestly I'd say that you might struggle, though I've not seen a focus boot. I've got a Toyota avensis & they have really big boots. I'd be tempted to go somewhere that sell them & ask if you can try to fit it in - John Lewis if possible as they're so helpful they'll probably do it for you!

    But I definitely wouldn't get it until you've tried. I remember a neighbour getting an oyster as it fitted well in her boot - originally she had wanted an iCandy, though I'm not sure if this is what put her off. The newer iCandy (that they do in blackjack & sweetpea) does fold down smaller & they do a dbl, although those seat units look even smaller (which is the reason we got the apple)...

  • i use mine for my 21 month old and 10 week old currently, one seat is bigger than the other, the smaller should be used by the smaller child, both my children are on the top centile for height and my eldest still has room although the footmuff is now too small for him. the peach seats are smaller, DD has this week outgrown the carrycot so in hindsight i wouldnt have bothered with that as we use the carseat more however if she wasnt so tall we might have got more use out of it. we have had to change the tyres to heavy duty ones as they puncture quite easily. persoanlly i love it, its bit of a pain putting it all in the boot or settling it up but it doesnt take long and keeps my arms fit!

    we have a c4 and it fits nicely with all the bits stacked up but no room for much else, john lewis do offer a boot fit if you book it, they offered that to us but we ended up with one from ebay as we couldnt justify the price new.

    i did a review a while ago for another lady on here if you fancy a read
  • Hi Piggypops, do you mind me asking how much longer you think your DS will fit in the pear seat for? Is there still lots of room? I've heard that said about the carrycot before, so you really wouldn't bother with it? I do have the apple carrycot so could use that & have DS walk on occasions or use my babybjorn...?

    Thank you image

  • Thanks for that post piggypops, it's really useful! I have found the folded dimensions online, so will measure up my boot later and check it will fit in.

    I think I've made my mind up that I like this one now (although I must say Im not over impressed with the choice of doubles out there!), as I like that it is compact, but you can have the baby in the carrycot and see it, rather than it being tucked away like in the p&ts. Plus I like that you have the parent facing option.

    Now I just have to see if I can pick up a bargain on eBay!

    Thanks girls.

    Ps- out of interest, is it heavy to push? Or pick up when folded? X
  • hi ruth,

    i reckon he'll last until we no longer need a double then i'll pop it back to singles mode, the only snag i have found is the foot muffs, as he is so tall i cant use it, he would fit if hgis legs were crossed but hes snapped a zip trying! although i have got a cheap one that will fit on, hes just over 12kg an has plenty of room, he still has a few inches under the hood but i may not be able to use the hood if he still needs it next summer. he will be 2 1/2 then and bubs 1 year so i may get a buggy board then and use it as a single? on the carrycot, i got mine for ??30/??40 and they do hold good resale value so i wont have lost a huge amount, but in hindsight i probably would have just used the carseat, DD much prefered that anyway and its one less thing for the boot, i would get both adaptors though if you plan to use the seat, we use it in singles with the carseat and you need different adapters than when in doubles.

    curlygirly hello,

    when the tyres are right its quite easy to push, the combined child weight in mine is about 40lbs at the mo and still fine to push, i do find it easier to push in parent facing mode, it feels a bit heavier forward facing as the heavier child is at the front. i can easily wack it in the boot although i wouldnt try stacking it up then putting it in, chasis first then seats on top, its too heavy trying to put it all in together. i put the pip converter down the side of the boot and the adapters too

    the baby jogger is pretty similar but slightly longer not sure how it folds though?

  • That's great. Thanks for the information PiggyPops x
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