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Stocking Filler Ideas

Good Morning All,

Can anyone help.

We have bought our 5 year old son a kidi zoom camera for Christmas but i was just looking for some ideas for Stocking fillers.image

I'm totally stuck for ideas. So far all i can think of are silly bandz (shaped wrist bands) and mr men hand warmers

any other ideas gratefully received

Thank you



  • Ooo well keep your eyes peeled on MadeForMums for our Xmas gift guides then! We've got the lowdown on all the top gifts this year, stocking fillers under a fiver and even under £2!

    They'll be on the site next week!! (so we're feeling super festive in the MFM office right now!)

  • Brilliant thanks Kimberley
  • Hawkin's Bazaar are always worth a look for stocking fillers.They have quite a lot of choice for the little pressies for stockings ,reasonably priced.
  • go to the local £ shop and stock up, we have arty bits and silly little gifts in ours that i stock up on all year round!
  • Thank you old woman who lives in a shoe - great website.

    Hi toes10, Thanks for this unfortunately we live on the isle of man and £ shops don't exist so it is either online shopping or the very few local high street shops for us i'm afraid. We have an early learning centre or boots or M&S!!!! the joys of living on an island image 

    A lot of companies (toys r us and Argos for example) don't even deliver here and some that do charge more than the value of the stuff you are ordering image


  • oh, what a bummer! lol

    Maybe try ebay then - there are loads of bargains to be had on there.
  • I agree, ebay is awesome. It lets you chose 2nd hand or brand new & you can get some absolute bargains.

    I've been collecting new & old Pound Puppies for Mia. I'm finding it hard also to find ideas. There seems to

    be so many variations of the same toy at the moment. How many toys do kids really need that say the

    alphabet & numbers.

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