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Car seats

At the moment we own 6 stage 1 car seats (2 in each car plus 2 in my parents' car). In 4 weeks time Charlie starts at the childminders and she also needs a car seat but, unsurprisingly, we don't want to buy a 7th stage 1 when Abby will have grown out of them soonish anyway.

What I want is a stage 2 car seat that can be used occasionally by Abby in one of our cars so that the childminder can have one of the other ones. It must have side protection and a harness seat belt. I don't know her exact weight but am going to guess about 14kg, she is 94cm tall. Can anyone recommend one that is suitable for her now but that will also last her for quite a few more years yet? Price is not important for the right car seat - my friend's 3 year old died in a car crash so safety is our number one priority.

H xx


  • We bought a Recaro Young Sport which will last until our daughter is 12 years old. We love it - excellent quality and not badly priced at around ??150 given how long it will last.

    Hth x
  • We have a Britax evolva 123 plus which goes from 9 months to 12 years and has side impact protection and a removable harness. It is usually about ??150, but we bought it from Kiddecare a couple of weeks ago for ??99 and it was also on offer at Halfords at the same time. My dd probably weighs about 11kg and she's very happy sitting it it.
  • We've got a britax evolva 123 plus as a spare set it last year reduced to ??99 in toys r us. Ds is more than happy in it despite being a lot lower than the priorifix we have and will last through x
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