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Cot advice pleeease!

Hello ladies

I am looking at cotbeds at the moment and not really sure what to get.

Has anyone bought a cot or cot bed that they really like or got any advice. E.g. Are drop down sides useful or a pain?

Also has anyone bought from any shops or websites that were good and had fast delivery-I am due in March and panicking that I have left it too late now image

Help! xx


  • You still have plenty of time! most of thetime they are in stock and there are so many places that stock them!

    We have a white east coast cot bed, from mothercare, the sides dont come down but we havent had a problem with that! I did have a c section, but when the baby is in the first few months she didnt sleep in the cotbed anyway,so bending over wasnt an issue...I guess it comes down to personal choice.

    Mothercare were easy to order from, have also had good service from kiddicare.

    Sorry that probably doesnt help you at all!

    Luc x
  • Thanks Littleminx! That was definitely helpful and I have decided to go for an East Coast cot bed. I think I'll also get a crib for the first few months when the baby is in with us.

    Thanks for replying image
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