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best baby stroller-travel system

I research everything! way too extensively sometimes. And while I read a lot of posts to get information, I never take the time to write posts... until now. I wanted to share my new discovery -- the Babyzen by Recaro -- because I have been looking for the perfect stroller! My husband and I have spent thousands (i mean, thousands) of dollars on several carriages and strollers. And yet- none of what we have was working easily. I just wanted one system, where I could plop the car seat into it for the quick trips to the store, or use it on rough terrain for a nice walk. Something that didn't break my back putting it into the car (and taking up half of the car in the meantime. And something that didn't require a PhD from MIT to collapse and erect. Finally- I saw a posting about the Babyzen by Recaro- but it wasn't available until Jan or Feb 2011. I couldn't wait another month- so I called Recaro and they accommodated us by getting one early. This is perfect! I already have a Recaro carseat- so it works that way. But the stroller itself is SO compact when it's collapsed, and it's SO easy to collapse- I don't need my husband with me at all times now image

The ride is so smooth because the wheels are larger- so it's good on city streets and on dirt roads. I just love it!

For any moms who are looking for a good system- where you don't have to keep changing different car seats (because some brands only make infant seats)- and for moms who need an easy and yet durable stroller - this is the one to look at. It's a little expensive -- but in my opinion- so worth it. My ONLY hang-up- is that the Recaro infant seat isn't FAA approved for air travel. But I use the airline bassinets anyhow.

Hope this helps at least a few of you who need a good stroller!
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