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Octonauts Party Supplies

Just wanted to share a website I have found that is offereing Octonauts party supplies, I know many of my firneds from pre-school are looking for this and wanted to share with you guys. - They have all the normal, Octonauts plates, cups, napkins etc also some really nice balloons, hats and decorations.  I just need to work out how to make a cake - does anyone know if any of the supermarkets are selling them?


  • There are others selling The octnauts now, in the UK I found - As for the cake there are many websites selling toppers so you could just make a normal spongecake, If you are feeling very create make the characters out of icing, mould some sponge in a ball shape, with something to hold it and then paint (edible paint) it in the GUP colours.

    Good Luck

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