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Free photoshoot by the top photographer in Herefordshire

Saw a notice posted in Ludlow at the weekend for a company looking for newborn babies upto 14 days old for a photo session. Its for a free photoshoot but only in August 2012 and only for newborns so I thought I would ring them up.  I called as my baby is 3 weeks old but was told it really is just upto 14 days old only so my little emily was just out of the catch area but they were really really nice to talk to and we had a nice chat. There is no catch and it really was a free one including the pictures and everything, really gutted to have missed out on the offer but thought I might post it on here for anyone else who has just had a baby in the last couple of weeks. is the website so if your local to them it would be well worth it and then you can share the photos on here. Hope thats of help to someone.

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