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Pushchair, buggy, pram, stroller? Argh!

Hi ladies, I'm due in April 2013 with my first baby and have just started to try and get my head around all the different pushchairs etc. I've been drawn towards an iCandy or Bugaboo but really have no idea where to start. With such an expensive item I really want to get the right model but I keep reading reviews saying it comes down to personal preference. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you X


  • After seeing lots of mums out and about with these I've decided on a Bugaboo Bee
  • I've had recaro before and it was a fab make this time I'm so having the icandy peach looks amazing!!!!
  • Thank you so much for replying. It can be rather frustrating when I can see nearly 40 people have viewed the thread but nobody has bothered to respond.

    I've been quite lucky now and one of my good friends has decided to sell her bugaboo bee with all the accessories for a great price.

    Thanks again though. X
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