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Advice on ATP travel systems

For some reason, my post is not showing. Maybe it's just me. In case it is blank, here I the original post with my reply so far...



Hi all

I???m hoping to get a bit of advice around ???off road??? travel systems (buggies) . I have been trying to find out but, honestly, am very confused. Being a new dad and wanting the best for my baby is clouding my judgement on what is needed and what is marketing hype. I see some that say they can change into a million positions, or are compatible with this or that, but I have no experience on what is advised. If you can have a look at the below and possibly give me some answers or a point in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

What I???m after:

1. Off-Road. I am not looking for something that I can use to climb the alps but want something that will easily handle off-road paths, fields, some snow and ice, etc. (without shaking the kids ears off)

2. Car Seat / travel system. I would really like one that I can transfer from home to car to stroller with ease while the baby is small. I don???t know if I should aim for one that comes with a car seat (which I haven???t seen much of) or one that is compatible with some car seats. Are there certain car seats I should avoid or aim for?

3. Folding. I know that the more rugged the buggy, the less the chances are it will fold up and be light, but I need my wife to be able to handle it.

4. Future proof. So, I???m not looking for 1 ring to rule them all, but something that will suit the baby through a significant era of growth would be really handy. Also, I don???t know if the different positions are handy or just a marketing gimmick.

5. Budget. Don???t laugh. I???m not asking for all that under ??100, but I really can???t afford to go above ??500. I also don???t want to get something that will fall apart, so, if you tell me it can???t be done, then I will get something cheaper now with an aim to get the off-road when the child is a bit bigger.

Thanks for any advice and help!!!


Then my reply

So, I haven???t received any advice unfortunately so still don???t know what the best choice would be. However, in the hopes that I can help anyone looking for something similar, I???ll mention what I???m looking at after a lot of reading.

The make I???m currently interesting in is the Jane (pronounced Han-ay). This is due to them meeting most of my requirements.

- They produce several different ???off road??? three wheelers (Slalom Pro, Slalom Reverse, Trider)

- They produce a travel system (above with Matrix cot/car seat or separate cot and car seat)

- Their Matrix car seat converts to a cot, so only 1 thing to worry about when traveling with baby. Also, it can be used in car in the cot position which is supposed to be better when baby is small. This is what really swayed me to their system.

- There are specials which lists their travel systems at around ??450 (RRP about ??750)

Unfortunately, as with most of the ATP???s, it does weigh a bit which worries me with my wife trying to handle it with baby, but I can???t expect miracles.

I can???t find any comparisons with other ATP???s so don???t have a clue how they perform. I am going to try look a t a few sometime soon.

Hopefully this can help someone at some point.


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